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The Second Talk

We all remember "The talk" when we were pre-pubescent.

For some of us it was awkward and rushed, for others it was less so. Regardless most of us whether in school, with parents or guardian's and most definitely with friends had some type of discussion more then once about it. We knew what could be expected. We also knew that we would experience menstruation and menstruation symptoms until close to 50 and then go through menopause where all of our monthly issues would cease. Maybe we heard about hot flashes or night sweats but I'm guessing it was minimal information that was most likely downplayed.

Most of us did not know that as a woman as early as sometimes 30's and 40's that we could start experiencing perimenopause. That this could begin up to 15 years before menopause. The series of emotional changes, feeling low, onset of anxiety, increase in irritability ( no it is not just because of your spouse) .

The physical change of hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, weight gain, and reduced libido and how they can completely disrupt our lives.

I want to change the narrative to my fellow females.

To openly talk about these issues we may face through this important transition time in our lives , to openly talk about holistic and conventional therapies that are available, and most of all help each other to know that support is out there.

My goal will be to make posts simple and straight to the point. They will be designed to be shared and talked about with those who need to hear the information most. Our fellow sisters.

As I start the first of a series of blog posts surrounding perimenopause please feel encouraged to share your struggles, your support, what is helping you, what you want more information on, and to most of all feel the love. Some of this info will be original articles I've wrote and some will be information shared from well respected sources.

Please feel free to share and enjoy.

You are not alone.

Much Love,


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