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Sleep issues and reflexology therapy

Sleep has such a huge impact on our lives. It regenerates our body, mind, and soul.

but approximately 15% of the population suffers from some type of sleep issue. Sleep issues although broken down into symptom specific categories by physicians are generalized as insomnia. Symptoms can range from difficulty falling asleep to difficulty staying asleep and in some cases a combination of the two issues is present. Lack of sleep can cause issues with irritability, inability to concentrate, and reduction in performance.

Our lifestyle is often a huge contributing factor. The increase in stimulants such as caffeine, drinks, and medications can also affect the sleep wake cycle and sleep patterns.

Illness and inability to sleep because of pain in some cases is the cause. Often a vicious pattern begins will begin to dominate the life of the sufferer. The sufferer will go to bed, certain that they will not be able to fall asleep, which means that he or she has a disturbed relationship with sleep itself.

What can we do ?

-Make sure you are getting enough exercise during the day.

-Do not drink stimulating drinks from the early afternoon onward.

-Create an ideal sleep environment. Make sure the bedroom is quiet and dark. An ideal temperature is 14 to 18 degrees celsius.

-Drink a warm herbal tea, especially something with melissa, hops, or lavender.

-Do not stay in bed for more then 30 mins. If unable to sleep try reading or another quiet activity until you feel sleepy.

-Limit screen time in the evening. If you are using your smartphone or tablet ensure that the blue light filter is on since there is evidence that this effects circadian rhythms,

-Do not take psychological problems with you to bed. If you have a problem on your mind, crary out relaxation exercises- for example, autogenic training- before going to bed.

How can reflexology help?

The cause of most sleep problems is stress. Reflexology reduces stress and helps the body regenerate. With regular reflexology, can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Often, reflexology is as effective as sleeping pills, and can even replace them entirely.

Reflexology is an effective therapy for improving the quantity and quality of sleep in all age groups. Clients often observe that they feel extremely relaxed and even often fall asleep on the table during a session.

- Tiffany Phillips Thorne RRT

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